I like to keep my glasses and sunglasses in cases when I travel, to avoid them being thrashed by all the things I toss into my bags on a regular basis. But lately, I’ve noticed that cases can be pretty big, and they take up more room than I’d like. Sure, I want to keep my sunnies protected, but hard cases sometimes go too far.


My solution is to keep those hard cases, because occasional adventures warrant my being extremely cautious. But other trips aren’t quite so hardcore. For those, I use Sabah Leather Glasses Cases. You may know Sabah as a shoe brand, but the high-quality Sabah leather is also used in belts, glasses cases, passport holders, laptop sleeves, and backgammon cases.


The Leather Glasses Cases are made in Sabah’s El Paso, Texas, studio, with the brand’s vegetable-tanned leather. The interlocking design and internal post make the case sleek and stylish, but also protective of my glasses. As you use the case over the years, a refined patina will develop and add to its appearance.


There are a few things I love about these cases: they protect my sunglasses, the design and beautiful leather makes the case a pleasure to have in my bag, and the wrap-around strap is a fun was to close the case (rather than the plastic zipper on hard cases). I know instantly which case is mine when I have it on a table among other sunglass cases. And I’m constantly being asked where I got my case.


The more I use my blue and green cases, the more I notice their subtle change, like all leather. The more they exist in the world, the more they’re uniquely their own. Just like us.


The Leather Glasses Case comes in natural tan, Denali green, and Sabah blue, and lists for $70 on the Sabah site.