Squishy Oofos Shoes for Recovery or Just Comfy Walking

Oofos comfort shoes

I may have found the most comfortable shoes ever. On top of that, they’re super-light and durable.

As Jill and I walked around the floor of the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market last month, a trade show where 1 out of 10 exhibitors seems to be selling footwear, it was easy to get jaded and feel like we’d seen it all. Maybe we had, but I had to admit I didn’t feel it all until I stepped into these Ooofos clogs and took a walk on the soft side.

Yes, I’ve walked around in Crocs, I’ve tried plenty of shoes with memory foam midsoles, and I love my Sanuk Beer Cozy flip-flops, but they were nothing like these Oofos shoes. I couldn’t wait to pop these on for my walk down the stairs to a glass of wine fireside at Washington School House Hotel in Park City. That’s one way they’re being marketed, as “recovery shoes,” but they’re also ideal for anyone who is tired of sore feet.

After trying these out, I’ve worn nothing but these around the house since I got back home.

Oofos comfortable shoes

“Those shoes are kind of ugly,” said my 12-year-old daughter when she saw me padding around the living room with these clogs on.

“Put them on and see how they feel,” I said. “They’re really squishy.”

“Can I have them?” she asked after walking to her bedroom and back.

“No, they’re mine, so back off.”

Therein lies the one negative of these though. You’re not going to put these Ooofos on because they’re fashionable and you want to look cool. But if you go for the slides they’re less clunky than the clogs I’ve been wearing and if you go for the thongs, nobody will be the wiser. You could wear those all day, looking like you’re in normal flip-flops, but feeling like you’ve got something better than a yoga pad under your feet.

So what’s the secret to the comfort? You’re not going to get them to display the secret formula, but it’s basically better foam through chemistry. After wearing them a month, I believe this claim though: “Test results show¬†OOfoam¬†is 37% more impact absorbing than any existing EVA, the most common material found in footwear.”

The bottom line is, these are ideal travel shoes, especially if you need something to change into after skiing or hiking. They weigh next to nothing, you can throw them in a washing machine when they get dirty (or just hose them off), they don’t compress and lose volume when you wear them, and they won’t cost you much. They’re made from one single piece of molded plastic foam, so there’s no seam to give out and no way to blow out your flip-flop.

The Oofos list for $40 to $50 depending on style, available in multiple colors as sandals/flip-flops, slides, and clogs.

You can order direct from the Oofos site or get them from Amazon.

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