While I love the white noise sound app I have on my iPhone, it has limited uses. It’s great when I am staying in a hotel and can keep my smartphone fully charged, but inflight, there are not always easy access power ports. That means I fall asleep to white noise, but wake up mid-flight to the sounds of people snoring because my phone ran out of battery. That’s why the Sound Oasis white noise machine, said to be the world’s smallest is so ideal.

What I love about this tiny device, which comes in its own travel case, is that it means I can put my phone away (I always fear that I will forget it if I store it in a seat pocket or even leave it charging in a nearby outlet). Instead, I can secure those valuable devices away and take this separate noise machine, which is quite compact and stuffs comfortably into my pocket (or clips easily to the outside of it), and nap more soundly on long flights. One of the main selling points of this product is that it fits in the palm of your hand.

It comes with its own headsets, which are in-ear buds, plus a carrying case for it all. The quality of the white noise is exceptional, and there are ten options from which to choose. I liked that I could charge this device and use it on even the longest of flights (like between Atlanta and Johannesburg where it lasted about 12 hours without recharging). There is also a USB charging port, which fits well with many aircraft seats today.

Sound Oasis promotes many other uses of this device, too. These include using the device in loud work environments or even on busy trains or subways for those that want to work or concentrate. What I appreciated most about this is that I don’t need to use the adaptor that comes with my smartphone since I have a Mophie case. Also, I don’t have to stress over the depletion of my cell phone battery on long flights in case I need it on landing.

The world’s smallest white noise machine from Sound Oasis retails for less than $50 on the Sound Oasis website.


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