Soothing Relief with Bucky Compact Wrap

It’s a new year, and whether you make resolutions or not, we all need to take care of ourselves a little more. Sure, travelers can power through long flights, uncomfortable seats and beds, and adventures both good and bad, but our muscles remember it all. Why not be good to ourselves and let our bodies recover before moving onto the next thing?


After somehow losing my years-old buckwheat pillow that I used as a heat wrap, I finally got another one: the Bucky Compact Wrap. Instead of writing until my muscles are screaming at me, I use it far more frequently—to reduce stress, sore muscles, aching joints, headaches, and even when I’m cold while lounging around or in bed.


The wrap measures about 8.5 inches by 10 inches and is filled with whole buckwheat seeds, which are preferred over other grains in therapy packs by professional spas and salons. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and eco-friendly.


Pop the wrap in a clean microwave for about a minute on a high setting, and if that’s not long enough to get the heat level you need, increase the setting by 10-minute increments so you don’t accidentally overdo it. I generally heat mine for a little over 2 minutes. The wrap will retain heat for around 30 minutes, and you can reheat it when necessary.


You can also chill the wrap in the freezer for cold therapy by placing it in a plastic bag and then into the freezer for 2 hours or more. You can even store it in the freezer for those times when you anticipate needing it after a workout and don’t want to wait for it to chill.


To clean the wrap, remove the cover and machine wash it in cold with no bleach. Tumble dry on low. Or, you can easily spot clean the cover. Do not wash the buckwheat filling.


The Compact Wrap comes in gray, aqua, sand, and mocha, and lists for $38.99 on the Bucky site.


Jill Robinson is a freelance writer who lives in a small California beach town near the big wave surf spot, Mavericks. She divides her time between writing about travel, running a kayak business and trying to wring awe-inspiring adventure out of every day. Her articles have been featured in the AFAR, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more. Catch up with her adventures on and IG/Twitter at dangerjr.

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