Elegant and timeless design is the best way to describe the Solios Solar Black Silver Mesh Watch. Solios is the only B-corp watch brand in the world. As the holidays soon approach, everyone is looking for special gifts that will stand the test of time. The Solios line of watches comes in a variety of looks that will please the most sophisticated and discerning traveler. Digital watches are convenient. But, Solios watches create a professional and noteworthy look that business travelers, especially, will really like.

The design of the Solios Solar Black Silver Mesh Watch

soliosThese watches do not rely on tiny, difficult-to-install batteries. Instead, these solar power watches are icons of modern design. The interior solar cell builds a charge that can last as many as six months so you do not need to leave your watch sitting in the sunlight! Instead, the watch is always recharging by itself over time and uses both solar and artificial light to recharge.

I liked the medium-sized watch face. These days, there seem to be only large watches or small ones, and this one fits right in between the spectrum. It features a 8mm thin silver-colored 316L stainless steel case with a black background. The Solios name is subtle and engraved on the face of the watch. The dial on the side of the watch face pulls out and is easy to adjust. For frequent travelers, the ability to quickly and easily adjust the time is important.

If you spend time by the water, the watch is water-resistant to almost 100 feet in depth, too. While I have not had the watch very long, I feel good that Solios says that the mineral glass exterior of the watch face has sapphire crystal. This helps to prevent scratches from daily use.

I love the option to choose between a silver mesh strap or a vegan leather strap. It is not every day that you find vegan leather as an option. Having two strap styles means you can choose the style that best fits your personal look. If you get both straps, you can interchange them easily to match your intended look.

soliosAnother thing I liked is that it is easy to put on and take off the watch thanks to a silver clasp. Sometimes, you have to fumble a bit, which can be irritating at security. I found the length of the strap (which is adjustable) to fit my wrist well without feeling loose. For me, it is important that a watch not feel like it is on my arm. It is very comfortable, and I liked how it fits underneath the wrist of my shirt or suit quite nicely.

The company’s founders

Solios founders Alexandre Desabrais and Samuel Leroux focus on sustainable and eco-friendly design and production. As more people look for products that align with their own values, Solios is on the rise. The company works with The Rainforest Trust, and for each watch sold, the company donates 1% of the cost to protect and restore one acre of rainforest. Seven people in Canada work to assemble these watches using recycled, recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

The company’s easy return policy means that people can try out the watch and decide if they like it first. Solios accepts fast returns if you don’t love it, but personally, I do, and I am not a daily watch wearer. This is the ideal accessory to dress up your look, and business travelers will find this to be a great gift. Solios watches range in price between $250 and $300 on the Solios website among other places. They come in a variety of color combinations, and you can personalize them for that fancy extra touch.

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