SOG Multi-Tool Powerlock Traveler | Practical Travel Gear 2
Photo credit, SOG

Photo credit, SOG

Okay, this device proved a real first for me. I travel with carry-on luggage only and was honestly nervous about carrying this multi-tool device with me. It even looks dangerous despite the ample notice on the package that it is travel-tested and TSA-approved. As someone with TSA PreCheck, I was surely bracing myself for extra attention. What happened really surprised me.

Half the time, my bag passed through without question. The other half of the time, agents took the tool out and looked at it. Once they saw it has no sharp points, they let it pass through. I never had to say that it was TSA-approved. To be fair, I did not travel with this overseas, which surely would have brought extra scrutiny. Have you ever passed through Heathrow? I have had bags flagged for “having too many books and magazines stacked together” and for properly sized toiletries in a zip-top bag that was “too small!” Frequent travelers know that UK airports are notorious for being meticulous to the point of comic relief.

Back to the SOG Multi-tool Powerlock Traveler device is great for those with outdoor travel plans, camping, long road trips, or those setting up booths at trade shows or conventions. I must admit, I am not a handy person, but this tool was simple to use and can serve 16 various functions by unfolding or twisting various parts of it. It has various screwdrivers, a can opener, pliers, scissors (small enough to be able to pass through security), and even a bottle opener. Is it bad that the opener was the most frequently used piece of this tool.

The device is not that heavy; it clocks in at around 9 ounces and comes with its own carrying case. It retails for around $100 on the SOG website or on Amazon. This is the ideal gift for multi-talented travelers, especially those with the need to carry their own compact tool kit.