Snow Peak Silicone Wine Glass | Practical Travel Gear

Snow Peak Silicone Wine GlassWhen it comes to packing your favorite drink (once you’re past the TSA), everyone’s got a favorite way: plastic baggies, boda bags, flask, growler, and glass (or aluminum) beverage container. But when it’s time to enjoy your beverage of choice, it’s pretty hard to drink out of a plastic baggie, and sometimes you just crave a regular old glass.

Snow Peak’s Silicone Wine Glass solves your problem. It’s made from food-grade silicone, and can smoosh right into your suitcase without worrying about breakage. Put a pair of socks or underwear in the inside of the glass, and you’re not wasting space at all. Once you take it out, it looks just like a stemless glass wine tumbler.

Seriously. I tossed an empty one to a friend, and he freaked out, thinking that he had to catch it or the glass would shatter. When he caught the glass and realized there was no chance that it would have broken, he spend about 3 minutes just staring at it before filling the glass with wine.

At just 5.6 ounces, the Silicone Wine Glass is not going to weigh you down. It holds 220 milliliters of wine, or whatever you choose to drink. The glass is dishwasher safe, and I’ve washed mine a couple of times without the clear silicone clouding up. Whether that holds up over time and multiple washes, I can’t yet say.

In addition to the wine glass, Snow Peak has silicone rocks and highball glasses, as well. The rocks glass holds 310 milliliters and the highball glass holds 240 milliliters of liquid. They’re both lighter in weight than the wine glass, weighing in at 3.4 ounces (rocks) and 4.5 ounces (highball).

There’s a subtle difference (aside from weight and volume) between the rocks glass and the wine glass. The sides of the wine glass are straight while the sides of the rocks glass flare out a little.

Don’t lock yourself into labels. As you see in the image (the wine glass is on the right), you can put non-wine drinks in the wine glass, and non-alcoholic drinks in all of them. Travel with your kids? Bring along one of these silicone glasses, and you’ve got something for tooth-brushing time, as well as for milk, juice, or water when your child is thirsty on the road.

The Snow Peak Silicone Wine Glass lists for $26.95 on the Snow Peak site. It’s a pretty limited run for all the silicone glasses (wine, rocks, highball), so if you want them, it’s best to jump on it before they’re all gone.