Smith Vantage Women’s Ski Helmet

Smith Vantage Women’s Ski Helmet | Practical Travel Gear

Smith Vantage Women's Ski HelmetSure, you can rent ski helmets at pretty much every ski resort, saving precious suitcase space for something else, but if you’re a regular skier, your own helmet makes much more sense. Two reasons: resort helmets rarely feature leading-edge technology and ew, sharing your helmet with hundreds/thousands of other people?

The Smith Vantage Women’s Ski Helmet has lightweight and stylish protection, as well as features designed for safety on the slopes and enhance comfort.

The Vantage is designed with Aerocore construction, which combines lightweight EPS construction and revolutionary Koroyd material. Koroyd absorbs more impact than traditional foams while simultaneously improving breathability and reducing weight and bulk. The result is greater comfort, a lighter feel and improved protection.

AirEvac 2 ventilation has a total of 21 vents that can be fully opened on warm spring days, partially closed when temps drop, or completely shut in the middle of a chilly snowstorm. For those of you who continually have to regulate your temperature when skiing, this is a huge boon.

The helmet has an adjustable Boa FS360 fit system, which allows micro-adjustments, so the helmet has optimal fit for your noggin. The Nanosilver lining has a women-specific fit and antimicrobial features that keep the helmet from getting too funky. A removable, ultra-light goggle lock keeps your goggles (Smith or otherwise) from slipping around.

The Snapfit SL2 Ear Pads provide a warm and cozy seal around your ears on colder days, and they’re removable for comfort of warm spring days. Plus, the ear pads are compatible with Skullcandy audio systems (sold separately) so you can crank up the tunes on the trails, if that happens to be your style.

Two of the available colors include MIPS Brain Protection System integration (MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System). In a MIPS helmet, the shell and liner are separated by a low friction layer, which allows the layer to slide relative to the head upon impact.

The Smith Vantage Women’s Ski Helmet comes in matte white (with feather detail), white, white with MIPS, black pearl, black pearl with MIPS, satin ultraviolet, metallic truffle and matte opal Wooolrich. They list for $220 (except the MIPS models, which list for $260) on the Smith Optics site. They’re also available at Amazon and Backcountry.