The Slicks Travel System claims to be the one bag for all occasions.  We have been testing the Slicks for a few weeks in a wide variety of situations and it is proving to be one of the most versatile travel backpacks we have ever used.

About the Slicks Travel System

The Slicks backpack is primary designed for commuters who commute via bike and need to carry an entire day worth of items including laptop, suit/change of clothes and the various related items we all pack with us each day.   The bag is designed to be easy to carry on your back and then cleanly convert to a more formal horizontal carry bag for meetings.

How Well Did the Slicks bag work for us?

I ride about 5 miles to work each day and tried the Slicks for a full week. I loved how the bag was big enough to hold my helmet and bike shoes after I got to work so I didn’t clutter up my office.   While larger than I expected the bag felt fine on my back during my ride and the venting on the back

I dont normally wear a suit but for the purpose of the test I tried 3 days with a suit packed to see how well it worked.   While I would have preferred a foam bar to fold the suit, the system kept my suit looking fresh as long as I didn’t over pack the system.

There is an full set of pockets to keep things organized and I liked how the laptop sleeve wasn’t directly against my back like a lot of these types of bags. In addition I liked how industrial the construction of the system is clearly this is a bag that will stand up to A LOT of use.

The Slicks Travel System is launching on Kickstarter and we would encourage anyone who wants versatile and rugged backpack to support them.

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