There are travel gear items I’ve immediately embraced, and others it’s taken a little while for me to see the light. This is one example of the latter.


When I first saw the Trtl Travel Pillow, I got the idea, but couldn’t get on the bandwagon. My previous attempts at using a pillow in airplane seats that don’t lay flat have been largely unsuccessful. I’ve tried the gigantic U-shaped pillow in many incarnations. I’ve seen but just can’t imagine using the pillows that work for tray-table face-sleepers (no judgment; I’m just not a face-sleeper).


But on a recent roundtrip from California to Fiji, I was faced with the problem of finding comfort in a coast seat. I was desperate, so thought I’d finally give the Trtl pillow a go. It works much like a scarf—just wrap it around your neck and adjust the integrated shoulder support (to your left, to your right, or under your chin) to get the best fit. That support is what helps your head rest in a natural position, relieving stress on your spine and muscles so you can relax without your head bobbing or your neck torqued. You can even place the pillow between your neck and the chair back for support while you read or watch a movie.


The pillow is made with a soft, breathable fleece that doesn’t irritate your skin, and it’s machine washable and quick drying (once you remove the internal support), so you can always keep it fresh and ready for the next trip.


Instead of being sad about all the flights I’ve suffered through without this pillow, I’m looking forward to all the future flights that will now be more comfortable.


The Travel Pillow comes in black, gray, red, and coral, and lists for $49.99 on the Trtl site.

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