Now more than ever, paying attention to our health and wellness from microbes, bacteria, and virus particles we cannot see is paramount. While many people are not flying due to the current Coronavirus situation, there are some travelers that must continue to travel for their jobs whether it is for medical or diplomatic reasons among others.

That’s why I was thrilled to read about the Skincare by Clixit Airport Security Foot Wipes. These antifungal wipes help wash away dirt and bacteria if you must touch contaminated surfaces.

People are still being put at risk when they pass through the nation’s airports. One of the most likely places to be contaminated is at the TSA security checkpoints. TSA personnel are not doing enough to protect people (or themselves) either.

During my own recent travels, TSA personnel touch each person’s identification documents and tickets passing germs from one person to the other. In addition, they do not always change gloves when going through peoples’ bags or patting down travelers. To be fair, these brave people must continue to work in the face of contamination issues. Still, more can be done.

People being asked to remove their shoes are picking up microbes and debris from the floor. And when TSA empties bags during searches, they place your personal items like clothing and toiletries on contaminated surfaces. Travelers are not permitted to touch their items during searches, which furthers the contamination. When your items are placed in the same plastic bins as shoes, money, and the bottom of other types of luggage, they are for sure being contaminated.

How they work

Much like other antibacterial wipes, these single-use towelettes contain alcohol to disinfect. They also have Tolnaftate, which is an antifungal ingredient. If you are told to remove your shoes and walk through the metal detector, you can use these wipes to clean the bottom of your feet and between your toes.

They are fast to dry, and you can put socks or shoes on immediately after using them. The antifungal property is the key benefit of these wipes. They have a fresh scent and are safe for diabetics.

They fit into your pocket, briefcase, or purse for easy access and do not count among your liquid accessories. They are FDA approved and also include tea tree leaf oil, which has antimicrobial properties, and peppermint leaf oil for antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. There’s also seaberry fruit and seed oil to help repair damaged and dry skin; it can also help to help other skin ailments like acne, rosacea, and dermatitis.

What else you can do

These are great for year-round travel, not just during times of emergency. Other things you can do is wipe down the interior of your security bin if you are forced to empty your things into one. You can also ask TSA personnel to don new gloves before touching your items or performing a security pat down. They are supposed to oblige.

Remember to be kind and grateful to them for their thankless job. Despite some being less than friendly and polite, they do have to put up with a lot from weary travelers that are forced to endure sometimes confusing and ever-changing security protocols.

A little bit of the Golden Rule for everyone can go a long way. The Skincare by Clixit Airport Security Foot Wipes are safe for the entire family. They retail for about $8 for a three-wipe pack and $20 for a dozen wipes on the Clixit website. This may seem pricey, but for the extra protection they provide, that can really be worth it for your health and safety.

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