Ski-ready travel: Julbo Cyrius goggles

When you travel for a ski vacation, you need one-quiver gear that can all be stashed into one boot bag for packing ease. Julbo’s Cyrius Reactiv goggles are all-weather, all-purpose without compromising on the high quality you need. Forget bringing multiple pairs of goggles to serve different conditions: the CYRIUS has a cylindrical photochromic lens with REACTIV lens technology. What does this mean? The REACTIV photochromic lens adapts to the UV lighting conditions in real-time and is combined with our proprietary anti-fog coating so you never need to make lens decisions based on weather or fog conditions. You get perfect vision and total protection, no matter the weather, without messing with inserting and stowing away lenses.

The wide and fully integrated strap is helmet-compatible of course, and you get detailed venting in the frame for good air circulation. The built-in anti-fog coating means you don’t need to bring anti-fog solution (which is not TSA-friendly). I found the goggles to be very comfortable on my face (I have a smaller-sized face and head) thanks to the two layers of foam for shock absorption. The style is frameless, and the strap has silicone for a good grip.

More details on the photochromic lens: this lens actually gets darker or lighter to match the changing light conditions that continually plague skiers and snowboarders. I noticed it especially during that 3 pm to 4 pm hour when the lifts are still turning but shadows from the setting sun start making it hard to see each mogul or rise. And this technology is non-temperature sensitive, so the lens will get darker or lighter regardless of the actual temps outside.

Pick up a pair on the Julbo site for $220, picking between several strap and frame colors and lens combinations.


Amy Whitley is a freelance creative and travel writer and founding editor of the family travel website Pit Stops for Kids. An avid lover of the outdoors, Amy makes her home in Southern Oregon, where she, her husband, and three school-aged children spend much of their time backpacking, camping, skiing, and hiking. When not exploring her own backyard, Amy and her family hit the road for travel reviews of resorts, tour operations, and hotels across the country and abroad. Follow Amy Whitley on Twitter and Facebook.

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