Guest Writer: Ryan R.

Hoodie stigma? No judgment here. And this is not your teen’s hoodie! Instead it is a glorified,
more technical version with a solid purpose; the Sitka Traverse optifade subalpine, Bozeman

This is a stealth hoodie, scientifically designed for hunting. The company’s vision is to not be
ENvisioned by prey… or heard. Sitkas camo technology ,”Gore Optifade concealment uses
macro patterns which disrupt body symmetry and outline”. The materials are also ultra quiet.
Stretching your arms into this thing is crazy comfortable and it fits like a glove. It’s not bulky or
flappy, but rather feels very much like a tailored or custom-fit shirt. If I had a larger size the
sleeves would be too long. It’s not a jacket to be worn with lots of loose fitting clothes
underneath it. You could use it as a base or mid layer, however it was designed to be worn on
the outside. It certainly is cozy warm, though not for Arctic conditions.

Three pockets, all exterior. Comfy, fleece-lined zippered pockets for each hand at the waist and
one left breast zippered fleece lined pocket as well. I found myself searching a couple times for
an interior breast pocket. Then, at the cuff there is the (popular to some) thumb hole.
This review would be a failure without mentioning the hood! You won’t look like Darth Vader or
anybody like him. The hood fits snugly and the main zipper comes all the way up under your
chin. Inside the hood is a very thin face-covering shroud for greater concealment (not for
robbing banks).

The Sitka Traverse was a welcome accompaniment under soft Seattle drizzle, while fishing in
moderate rain in the Idaho mountains, around town in Boise and, even on an actual bear hunt. I
was able to quietly glide through the woods as I sought the elusive bear and for some sneaky
morel mushrooms!

This hoodie is priced at $219 and there are other camo patterns or solid colors available. It has
purposeful practicality, warmth and is even quite stylish. Bravo.

Mystery Ranch Women’s Coulee 30L Pack

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