Toadfish Rocks Tumbler in Teal

Sometimes little things — like not spilling your drink when you are on the go — really do mean a lot.

From coffee to cocktails, Toadfish’s Non-Tipping 10oz. Rocks Tumblers aim to keep hydrating accident free. Place it on a smooth surface and the patented SmartGrip technology makes it hard to tip over. Lifting it up is simple as long as you pick it up straight. I got the hang of it quickly.

Insulated and designed to keep cold liquids colder longer and hot liquids hotter, the tumbler is made with stainless steel. Cocktail drinkers will appreciate the easy to read graduated measurements ranging from 2 ounces to 8 ounces inside the cup.

The plastic lid is clear enough that you can see what’s inside. A sliding tab makes it easy to sip and close, however I found the top will leak if the tumbler is inverted or dropped.

Toadfish Tumbler in white

The Toadfish Tumbler is a natural fit for folks who spend a good amount of time on a boat, but from a day to day perspective, just having a cup on my busy kitchen counter that doesn’t easily tip has perks.

The lid is dishwasher safe, but the mug should be hand-washed.

Non-Tipping 10oz. Rocks Tumblers by Toadfish are available in three colors: white, teal, and graphite. Cost is $25 on Toadfish’s website.