Straws are in the news, and it’s not because they’re great additions to summertime kid crafts. The single-use plastic items may make sipping a margarita easy, but then they wind up in landfills or in the ocean, where they’re mistaken for food by a variety of marine species.

Instead of adding to the plastic problem, why not bring your own solution with you in the form of your own personal straw? That’s what you get with Klean Kanteen Straws.

The stainless-steel straws are made from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel with a safe, food-grade, removable silicone flex tip. The tip is articulated like a bendy straw, making it much easier to use than a plain-old straight straw. Also, while stainless steel is an ideal material for food and drink storage, it’s not always kind on the teeth—which is why the softer silicone tip. Whether you’re drinking water, smoothies, or iced tea, the straws make it easy to sip your favorite beverage.

Re-using straws, just like re-using dishware, means you have to clean them. And just running water through a straw isn’t enough to ensure real cleanliness. That’s why Klean Kanteen Straws come with a straw brush that you can use to keep your sipper sparkling clean in between uses.

Sure, carrying your own straw around might require a little thought, just like carrying your own re-usable cup or bottle and shopping bag. Even positive changes mean a change to behavior, and humans always like the easiest path. But before you know it, having your own straw will seem easier than you think.

Klean Kanteen Straws come in 5-piece sets with four straws (all black, or multicolor) and a straw brush for cleaning, and list for $9.95. Or, get a 3-piece straw lid set with one straw, a straw brush, and a straw lid (for the same price) for your favorite Klean Kanteen 16-ounce and 20-ounce insulated tumbler.

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