Consider it a blessing or a curse, I’m a somewhat organized person. Or, more appropriately, I operate better in the world when I’ve organized some things in my life, leaving fewer opportunities for disorganized implosion. A very simple travel dream on which I’m still working, is to have my toiletry kit close to ready for nearly any trip on a few hours’ notice.


Not that I generally get travel invitations on a few hours’ notice, but with family and work and life, it’s not always easy to shop for a trip. So, when I return from traveling, I pull out the items that I need to replace or refill so I can get them taken care of right away, and replace them in my kit. Then, there’s less to do for the next trip.


One of the most challenging items of a fully functioning travel toiletry kit is a collection of leakproof containers. I couldn’t count the failed ones if I tried, which is why I was thankful to test out Cadence Capsules over the past few months.


Each capsule is 50% recycled material, a blend of recycled ocean-bound plastic and material scraps. The magnetic body, tops, and label tiles keep your capsules together, instead of somewhere in your bag, making it easy to find what you’re looking for in a given moment. The capsules’ industrial-grade seal makes them leakproof, so you don’t have to work about what you’re going to find when you unpack.


Don’t guess about what’s inside with customizable label tiles. Choose some with pre-printed labels if they correspond to what you need. But for others, you may need the flexibility to choose your own words.  The wide openings of the capsules make them a cinch to refill, whenever you need do.


And aside from the one time a TSA officer asked me what they were, they skate through security without any trouble. Fit up to 12 0.56 capsules into a TSA-compliant bag so you can fly with ease.


Cadence capsules come in a variety of colors and labeling possibilities. The price of one capsule is $14, and there are options to build bundles of 6 or 12, as well as pre-labeled systems to ease your shopping experience. See what works best for you on the Cadence site.

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