Sierra Designs is Practical Travel Gear’s go-to for quality products at a family friendly price. The new Adventure Out Double Hammock is the perfect addition to any COVID sanctuary or to throw in your car or backpack for day adventures. We took ours on a trip to Sayulita, Mexico.

The Sierra Designs Adventure Out Double Hammock is stuffs into its own stuff sack that also doubles as a storage area for a phone, wallet or book while you are enjoying the outdoors. Also included in the Adventure Out Double Hammock are two tree saver straps and carabiners to secure the straps or the hammock itself.

The tree saver straps are very long and will easily secure the Adventure Out Double Hammock to any tree, pole, or anchor point. Right now, we have one on a support pole for the cabana and the other around the supporting beam for the house. Because this is a rental, we wanted to take care of the area and were confident in the tree savers straps to keep the rental damage free!

The Adventure Out Double Hammock has been a spot for reading, napping, swinging and cuddling while we escape the real world one moment at a time on our vacation. The weight capacity of the Adventure Out Hammock is 400 pounds so it can easily hold myself and a kid. Look at the beautiful two-toned colors! How can you not be happy in a hammock this beautiful?

The 210T nylon of the Adventure Out Double Hammock was light enough to allow for airflow while resting. The humidity was no joke in Sayulita and while we wanted to be outside as much as possible, it was brutal without the breeze. Everyone was very thankful for the airflow.

I already know what you are thinking- and I can honestly say that there were very few places ON the beach to put up a hammock. The beach front properties of Sayulita’s beaches don’t allow personal equipment at the time of posting. This wasn’t an issue as the Adventure Out Hammock was our favorite place to be during online school brain breaks and in-between cannon ball competitions in the pool.

Now that we have given it the family trial, I can’t wait to set it up at home! The weather change from Mexico to Idaho will force us indoors, but! After setting up the Adventure Out Hammock with the tree saver straps, I am confident we can set it up inside without causing damage to the house. When the sun hits the back porch just right, it will be the perfect place to zone out when the snow is falling. Friends have even asked to borrow it for their annual “Man’s Elk Hunt” in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho.

The Adventure Out Double Hammock is ONLY available at Target Stores and retails for $39.99. Sierra Designs also has a single lightweight hammock in a beautiful deep sea blue color. Target is providing online ordering with shipping or curbside pick up. Please see your local Target for availability.

On November 04, 2020 we are running a giveaway on our Instagram account. Check us out on Instagram and enter for your chance to win an Adventure Out Double Hammock of your own!

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