Travelers who plan outdoor excursions from running to hiking and even fishing tend to have a variety of items to pack. There’s the list of clothing for the vacation itself, and then there’s the list for the outdoor activities.

When traveling in warmer regions, even though I bring a mix of short- and long-sleeved shirts, I often hate to wear the long sleeves due to the temperature. But my arms need the sun protection. That’s why I like packing arm sleeves, like Buff UV Arm Sleeves.

At home, I wear them when out on a bike ride and I need to regulate my temperature between cool, shaded canyons and exposed, sunny ridges. But they’re not only for bike riding. Anyone headed outside who wants the flexibility of wearing short sleeves, but also wants more protection than sunscreen can offer, can use them.

Made from 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex, the sleeves have a UPF rating of 40+, which means that only 1/40th of the sun’s UV rays will pass through. The fabric has an antimicrobial treatment (which helps control odors) and is moisture wicking, breathable, and comfortable.

Durable, four-way stretch gives the sleeves light compression, and also helps in maintaining shape when wet. The elastic upper has an engineered silicone grip for holding the sleeves comfortably in place, and stretch flatlock seams eliminate chafing. Reflective elements are strategically placed on the sleeves for better visibility in low-light conditions.

Toss them in the washing machine (on cold), but allow the sleeves to air dry instead of running them through the dryer. You don’t need to use fabric softeners or iron them. They’re pretty low maintenance in terms of cleaning.

Buff UV Sun Sleeves come in a variety of patterns: City Jungle, America, Irised, Akira, Meeko, Aqua Glitch, White, Pelagic Camo Tropical, Pelagic Camo White, Blue Shad, Brown Trout, and DY Rainbow Royal. All list for $25 on the Buff site. There are also UV Arm Sleeves in Coastal and Insect Shield series, which give you more design choices and list for $27.