When I say, “Shammy” you say, “towel!”.

Shammy! — Towel!

Summer is closing in on us quickly and that means we are off to more outdoor adventures lakeside, beachside and into the woods we go. Packing light for the majority of our trips is ideal as we have finally instituted the rule requiring everyone to be able to pack and carry their own gear. When you are working with two littles, this can get tricky because they need the gear and they need to carry it on their own.

The Shammy Towel set from Rumpl is ideal for any traveler looking to lighten their load with a quick dry but absorbent towel that can withstand the various environments it will be exposed to. Long gone are the impossibly heavy beach towels you and I grew up with. We have replaced all our pool, gym and travel towels with lightweight and quick dry alternatives. The Shammy Towel is the softest towel we have trialed to date.

Honestly, the material is like a gentle hug when you wrap yourself up in it. Due to the construction of the polyester and spandex weave, the Shammy towel doesn’t hold onto dirt, hair (especially pet hair), stains or sand from the beach.

The towel even comes with sewn in loops so you can hang it to dry on a tree branch, via a hook or even on that handy little hook for hangers in your car.

The Specs

The Shammy Towel is available in two colorways, Slate and Sandalwood Brown. We have the Slate in the pictures. It also comes in three different sizes for your travel and lifestyle needs.

  • 1-person: 30 x 70” (76 x 178cm), 1lbs
  • 2-person: 50 x 70” (127 x 178cm), 2lbs
  • Travel: 30 x 55” (76 x 140cm), .93lbs

The 2-person size if perfect for a picnic or to wrap up in and snuggle a little one while you are watching the Fourth of July fireworks. And, as my children have tested, it makes for a great fort blanket. Clothes pins not included.

The Shammy Towel can be found on the Rumpl website for $29-$69 depending on the size you need. While you are picking up a Rumpl Shammy Towel for yourself, don’t forget to take a look at the Puffy Blankets. They are a must have when you are staying up late to look at the stars. They roll up into a little itty bitty ball so you can easily store one in your car for emergencies.

For additional reviews of the Rumpl line up, check out our page for further information HERE.

Safe travels!