Serengeti Presents the Lela Frame

Serengeti sunglasses is stepping up their game with new frame additions to their already beautiful lines. The Lela frame from Serengeti seamlessly combines a retro frame with the lens technology we count on from Serengeti.

Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn, I gave the Serengeti Lela a real road test on our drive from Idaho to Zion National Park. The total drive time was about 10 hours and ifyou have ever made the drive through southern and eastern Idaho you know that the sun is unrelenting and the desert doesn’t provide any relief from the it’s searing rays.

The Lela is a gorgeous frame that is women specific due to its small frame design. The frame is created from acetate and has adjustable nose and temple tips for a personalized and comfortable fit. When they first arrived I was a little nervous about the weight, they are heavier than my usual driving glasses. It took about 10 minutes to get used to the weight of the Lela and after that, I forgot they were on for the 10 hour drive. In fact, we stopped at a gas station and I was mentioning how dark it was inside the store when my kids reminded me that my sunglasses were still on.

No Fogging for Masks

During the time of COVID19, the temple points of the Lela sits nicely over the straps to my face mask and with the design of the frame, there is enough air flow that I don’t experience fogging on the lens.

Serengeti has created a Drivers Gradient lens that is darker at the top and lighter at the bottom to aid in seeing what is ahead on the road and to see the dashboard without sacrificing visibility. The Driver’s Gradient is available in the Lela and all other frames by Serengeti.

The Drivers Gradient combined with Serengeti’s polarization and photochromatic technology makes Serengeti our choice for driving and traveling. Our writers have turned to Serengeti since 201o when Tim reviewed Polar PhD lens.

If the smaller frame of the Lela won’t work for you, please look into the Mara frame. The Mara is a women’s specific frame but the lens are larger and the nose tips are fixed so they won’t get caught in long hair.

Find the Best Lens for You

If you are still unsure which lens is best for your lifestyle, I would suggest using the lens simulator that is found on the Serengeti Eyewear website. It is perfect for getting the right lens color and feel for 100% satisfaction.

The Lela frame is available in 3 frame colors and a variety of lenses for your specific needs. The rose gold scream Hollywood royalty.

I am wearing the Shiny Black/Shiny Dark Gunmetal with polarized 555nm Ultra-light Mineral lens. Prescription lenses are available in the Serengeti Lela frame!

Serengeti Eyewear is available on their website and a small selection can be found on There are some brick and mortar stores as well. The Store Locator on the website is the place to look for the retail space nearest you.

Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.

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