An all-weather glove review in July? Absolutely! Happy Independence Day, to US readers…and welcome to independence from weather extremes no matter the time of year. Truly, the Seirus Soundtouch Xtreme All Weather glove has proven to be one of the most practical gear items I’ve traveled with.
Currently, I am traveling in Iceland, and you can bet I’ve packed my Xtreme gloves. Ditto for the early summer camping trip I went on last month. This spring, my teenage son borrowed my pair for a river rafting trip, and I’ll be bringing them next month on a dude ranch vacation. These Seirus gloves are completely all-purpose, and of course take up very little room in any suitcase, duffel, or backpack. Here’s why they’re so great:
xtreme gloves
As you can tell from the title, the Xtreme gloves are technology-friendly, with the little pads on the fingers that ensure you don’t have to take off your gloves in order to use your smart phone. Right off the bat, that’s a win! But many gloves can do this now. What sets the Xtreme apart is the fact that they’re completely waterproof yet also extremely thin and lightweight. They’re form-fitting, which means I can perform detailed tasks like tying knots, opening food containers, or writing something on paper while wearing them.
They’re comprised of an insert that’s windproof and waterproof (but still breathable) and a four-way stretch soft-shell outer. The palm has ‘softgrip’, which is a padded area with some traction/grip, and the interior is thinly fleece-lined. The cuff is snug (no water or wind is getting in there) but also stretchy and soft.
Truly, the Xtreme is the most comfortable and lightest weight waterproof glove I’ve worn. I haven’t worn them downhill skiing, but I bet they’d be up for the job. And they’ve certainly performed well as I’ve snowshoed and cross-country skied. But for me, what’s absolutely best is the versatility: these are the gloves to buy once and use over and over for all types of travel, from outdoor adventures in all seasons to winter trips when you might need gloves a few times but don’t want to pack anything big and bulky.
Pick them up on the Seirus website for $54 in men’s or women’s S-XXL, or look for them on REI or Amazon. If the technology feature is not needed, there’s also a cheaper version without the sound touch pads.
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