Scrubba Wash Bag

Scrubba Wash BagThis is not an exaggeration: I do hotel sink laundry on every single trip I take. Sometimes, it’s merely underwear and socks. Other times, I work in shirts and pants. Ultimately, I try to avoid packing too much and also try to avoid paying expensive hotel prices on laundry service (as well as extra time in Laundromats). That’s why nearly every night, I have something hung up and drying in my hotel bathroom.

Over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at being able to clean my clothes in the shower and bathroom sink. But it’s still not quite as good as the washing machine. However, you can pack along something that’s really close. The Scrubba Wash Bag weighs less than 5 ounces and fold to pocket size, so its easy to pack in the smallest crevice of your carry-on bag.

Open up the bag, fill it with your dirty clothes, add water and cleaning liquid (if you don’t pack this along, sometimes hotel liquid soap works perfectly fine), and then roll and clip the Scrubba bag. From there, you deflate it a little, and then press down and rub your dirty clothes against the Scrubba bag’s internal flexible washboard (longer, for a machine quality wash).

Unclip and unroll the bag, pour the dirty water out, and then rinse clothes with fresh water. You can do this in the bag, or if you prefer, take then out and rinse them separately. Now, all you have to do is dry the clean clothes. (Special tip: It often helps to speed the drying process by rolling each item into a towel and pressing them to remove the water. Then, hang or lay dry.

Your Scrubba bag will last longer (and for many trips) if you rinse it and turn it inside out after each use, so it can dry. Try to avoid storing it where it gets direct sunlight or heat. Pay attention when you’re washing clothing with zippers, buckles, or other hard features (wrap clothing around those when washing). And avoid sharp or abrasive surfaces, which can accelerate the wear and tear of the Scrubba bag.

The Scrubba Wash Bag lists for $49.95 on the Scrubba site. You can also find it on Amazon.