Perhaps your outdoorsy vacation is a little more vacation than outdoorsy. That’s cool, it’s your time off. But if you’ve got a little hiking or climbing planned in addition to all the lounging about and city discovery, consider keeping the shoe count down and bringing along a pair of Scarpa Cosmo shoes.

It’s often difficult to bring along every type of shoe for every type of purpose, and that’s why multi-functional shoes are so great. Instead of having an around-town shoe, a hiking shoe, and light climbing shoe, you’ve got one that does them all well.

The relaxed, no-break-in suede upper and lightweight EVA cushioning means that your feet are comfortable in these shoes all day. The toe box is a little wider than many hiking shoes, which is ideal for those of us with a wider front foot.

Keep your toes protected with the rubber toe rand that wraps around the front—ideal to block major stubbed toe incidents, as well help our if you do find that rock for some bouldering. The rugged Scarpa Voyager outsole is just as valuable on wet and slippery city streets as it is on rock faces.

I’ve worn these shoes in Switzerland and Alaska, California and Colorado, and they’re my go-to travel shoes when the adventures are relatively light (hiking or climbing on a Via Ferrata), but I still need something to look good in town. Comfortable shoes will far outscore cute shoes in my book, but in this case, the Cosmos meet both requirements well.

Scarpa Cosmo shoes come in one color combo: Jade/Salmon. Generally a pretty color-shy person, I have found that they go with a lot of my travel and adventure wardrobe without standing out. They list for $115 on the Scarpa site, and can also be found at Amazon and Backcountry.

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