Sardegna by Ventolation: Leave the Sand Where It Belongs

Headed somewhere warm this winter? You’ll need to bring the Sardegna by Ventolation with you!

These lightweight and functional thongs are leaps and bounds above your $5 pair you might usually pack with you. Specially designed to wear around water and in the sand, the

Sardegna by Ventolation

Sardegna is constructed using a VO-Flex rubber compound and a patented clip and groove design in the foot bed to ensure water, sand and unnecessary dirt stays in the environment.

Not only is the rubber soft and malleable, the VO-FLEX material ensures you won’t slip in the shoe or on the ground.

What’s not to love?

  • The Sardegna comes in four color ways (purple being my favorite!)
  • The groove construction of the sole makes it feel like you are walking on a cloud
  • They are stylish
  • Great for the beach, lake side, camp side and even for festival goers!
  • The Sardegna material dries quickly so you aren’t squeaking around
  • Dramatically decreases foot fatigue due to channel construction

Beach to Boat:

My Father in Law is a big fan of these shoes because we can wear them at the beach at their lake house and jump into the boat without bring with all the grit and sand of the beach. This also means we spend less time as a family cleaning out the boat at the end of the weekend! More wake surfing and tubing for everyone!

Shoe Sizing:

If you are a whole size, purchase your usual shoes size. If you are like me and are a half size, make sure to size up in the shoes.

Family Brand

Ventolation has the whole family covered (literally) when it comes to appropriate footwear for the hot beach days. Have you ever been to the beach on the days where the sun beats down and you can see the heat vapors rising from the sand? Days like these are the ones where I feel like the lizard from the National Geographic shows who either runs as fast as it can on the sand or takes turns alternating which foot is connecting with the sand.

Bondi Ventolation Shoes for Boys

Sardegna takes the pain away and with the ability to wear them at the water’s edge and back to the beach blanket or even back to the car they are a one stop shoe shop for us.

Ventolation has created a Men’s line with the Bali and KOS while the children’s selection is perfect for little adventurers.

We recommend the Venotlation Sardegna shoes to every member of your family and every beach loving traveler you know. They are very packable and the price is easy on the wallet. Pair it with The CGear Sand Free Beach Mat and your vacation will be practically amazing!

Ventolation Sardegna shoes can be purchased on their website and on They retail for $34.99.

Safe Travels! 

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