With winter weather quickly approaching, I am doing everything in my power to stay warm. Sanuk Puff N Chill boots are definitely helping to keep my feet warm and comfortable as the leaves begin to fall and Jack Frost leaves his wintery mark.

What’s Inside?

Constructed as a slip-on mid-rise boot, the Puff N Chill are lined with soft faux shearling. I love the feel of the shearling because it is velvety on your feet if you choose to not wear socks. If you do wear socks, it does not cause a slippery situation inside and works with your socks, not against them.

The sole of the Puff N Chill is a cloud-like foam that allows your feet to rest. Don’t fret about the sole either! The sole is Sanuk’s Sawtooth rubber soles and provides just enough traction to get you from the tent to the bathroom, the dog out to pee and the mail from the mailbox.

Puff N Chill have a great and fashionable outer comprised of puffer jacket material and aesthetic. There are 4 colors available- we have the Dark Olive.

As with many shoes in the Sanuk line, the Puff N Chill are unisex. In a prior review of Sanuk, I commented on how much I appreciated the unisex style of the Sanuk because I can share them with my son. Although I should have ordered the Chalk Pink in the Puff N Chill because I in no way want to share these with anyone in the house. They are quickly becoming my favorite boot!

Best Time to Wear

These boots are not made for technical hiking. They are perfect for lazy Sundays, early mornings around the campfire and late night stargazing. Curl up with your favorite book and don the Puff N Chill boots for the perfect “Me Day”.

My absolute favorite time to wear them is after skiing when your feet are still frozen but your boots are so heavy and uncomfortable you can’t imagine putting them back on. The shearling interior allows your toes to warm up without causing your feet to sweat. We are off to Taos, NM this year and I am so thankful these Puff N Chill boots will be with me.

The Fit

Sanuk usually runs a little big and I often size down. However, the Puff N Chill runs true to size. The low entry at the heel makes it easy to quickly slip the Puff N Chill boots on andoff. I found that they dry quickly when exposed to wet weather conditions and thankfully don’t gather a ton of debris from the outside. We have a strict no shoe rule in our house so these are perfect for the days you need to get work done around the house but just don’t want to be barefoot or in slippery socks.

I am going to order a second pair for the cabin and camping trips. In Chalk Pink. With my name embroidered across the front. HA!

The Puff N Chill retails for $80 and would make an AMAZING Christmas gift for just about anyone on your list. Sanuk utilizes an interest free payment system called Quadpay for the times that you need to spread the cost out a little.

They can be found on the Saunk website and small selection is available on Amazon.com.


Safe travels!