A few weeks before Covid shut the world down in 2020, a fellow airplane passenger snarked at me for wiping down my immediate surroundings with an antibacterial wipe. While I’ve never really had a consistent practice of avoiding germs and bacteria (opening doors with my elbow, but also sharing drinks with friends), there are times when I’d prefer to be safe.


It’s not always easy to wipe down things and avoid touching them. The standard rectangular wipes require a little bit of adjusting to ensure full coverage. If you’re consistently using them but would prefer to reduce your hand contact with surfaces, you should check out the Fend Antibacterial Hand Wipe Mitts.


The mitts are like big hand-wipe mittens with a one-size-fits-all complete coverage that includes an inner liner, helping to reduce your contact with hotspots and keeping your hands insulated from skin-drying alcohol. Wearing them, you don’t have to worry about adjusting a standard rectangular wipe to cover your skin while you’re wiping down your immediate surroundings.


The mitts also have a 75% alcohol solution applied to the outer layer that kills germs and 99.9% of bacteria. Considering that germs can survive for up to 3 hours on your hands, and nearly 80% of illness-causing germs are spread by touching things with your hands, full coverage for the most-important hotspots (like hotel elevator buttons, airplane bathroom door handles, and gas pumps) helps you get through your day as safely as possible.


I’m not completely comfortable with how this pandemic has increased our reliance on single-use throwaway items, like masks, wipes, and takeout containers. It’ll be interesting to see how we evolve our usage of those things once we ease out of the height of the pandemic into a new kind of everyday living. But for those moments when you need to be confident about your surroundings, these mitts are excellent.


The Antibacterial Hand Wipe Mitts come in packs of 2 each, and packs of 10 each. An On the Go bundle of 6 2-packs is priced at $14.99 and a standard Always Ready 10 pack is priced at $12.99. Mix and match different bundles based on how you live.

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