It’s been 15 days of intense rain, clouds and extreme sunshine here in Costa Rica and my Salina Polarized Sunglasses from Costa have been through it all! I was fortunate enough to get the beautiful teal colored frames for this magical trip. I paired them with the 580G Gray Polarized Lens to help ease the brightness of the sun.

The Salina frame is constructed from Bio-Resin and the 580G lenses from Costa’s notable scratch free lens design. C-wall coating provides each pair of glasses with an extra scratch proof coating and a barrier that will repel water, oil and sweat for easier cleaning. The C-wall coating actively removes water and debris from your glasses so your line of sight can stay clear all day long.

When we were told our vacation would be during the “wet season” for Costa Rica, I wasn’t expecting monsoon levels of rain every day. The heavens literally open up and pour rain for hours on end. The joke became that at the time of the first rain drop you could count to 20 and we would be 3 inches deep in rainfall. During these unexpected rain storms, my Salina Sunglasses stayed clean and ready for use when the sun finally broke through. For walking along the ocean, the Gray Polarized lens allowed the turquoise of the ocean to come through while allowing us to check the coast line for animals and to see into tide pools without obstruction.

The 580G Gray Polarized Lens are specifically constructed to filter out harsh yellows and enhance reds, greens and blues. I cannot express how beautiful these lenses made the already breathtaking views. The Macaw birds looked regal in their rainbow of colors and the lush greenery of the jungle was spectacular.

The frame size is “regular” but the coverage labeled as “extra large”. I personally preferred the extra large style of the frame to help filter out as much of the intense Costa Rican sun as possible. The Salina frame never felt too large and fit easily into my sunglass strap on my backpack when not in use.

The Salina frames are lightweight and perfect for all day wear. The nose pads of the frames are a soft, anti slip rubber. I appreciate that they are contiguous with the frame so when my hair is pulled back, they don’t get tangled and caught on strands of hair.

Salinas frames are available in three colors and the lenses are Rx compatible. In the black frame color, you have the ability to order the Salina with three different lenses to suit your needs. Salina frames retail starting at $167 and qualify for Costa’s free shipping. Pair them with Costa’s C-line Retainer ($12.99) or Bow-line retainer ($9.99) to ensure you never lose them. The retainers come in a variety of colors so you can personalize your look. I am definitely guilty of leaving my favorite pair of Costas behind because they aren’t attached to my person. Thanks, B for sending the retainer this time!


Safe Travels!


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