Our Rumpl Puffy Sherpa Blanket is our constant companion in winter, and our original down Rumpl is always packed in our car for summer picnics, BBQs, days at the lake, and camping trips, so when I learned that Rumpl is now in the travel towel game, I was automatically in.

The Rumpl Shammy Towel collection includes a travel shammy, original shammy, and a shammy clean up kit, which includes two sizes of shammies ready to clean up any mess of the outdoor fun variety. We tried out the travel shammy, which is a thin, ultra-absorbent towel that comes in a generous30 x 55” (76 x 140cm) size.

You roll or fold up the travel shammy and secure it closed with a button waist (all Rumpl blankets and towels are well designed in this manner, making them all travel-ready). The shammy material is very soft, made with 85% polyester and 15% spandex. It resists stains, sand, odors and pet hair. Yes, I decided to dry off my dogs with the travel shammy after a day at the river, and they got (marginally) dry before they escaped me, and my shammy did not have tons of dog hair stuck to it. Win-win!

The design is pretty simplistic: light blue with a striped pattern. It’s perfectly pretty, but after getting used to Rumpl’s wide variety of color and pattern options, I expected some choices. I bet they’ll arrive with the next generation of shammies (just my guess). The travel shammy weighs in at a respectable .93 lbs, which makes it my go-to choice for stashing in my travel tote for beach days or lake days, or to bring along on camping trips and international vacations (who on earth has room for a regular-sized towel in carry-on luggage?). You can pick up the travel shammy for $59, a good investment for a travel accessory you’ll use for years.

For comparison, the original shammy is slightly larger and comes in two sizes:

  • one-person: 30 x 70” (76 x 178cm), weighing 1lbs
  • two-person: 50 x 70” (127 x 178cm), weighting 2lbs

The two-person is a nice size to lay out at the beach or on the grass, and both sizes come in more color options than the travel shammy. Pick between deep water (darker blue), slate (light blue) and sandalwood brown. All have a similar design to the travel shammy. The original shammies are $59 and $89, depending on size ordered. Find them at retailers like Amazon and in brick and mortars like REI in addition to the Rumpl site.


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