After two months on the road last summer, I found that the shoes I used the most were the wet-dry sandals that were good in the heat and offered plenty of support. After trying these out over a few weeks, I know this summer I’ll be spending a lot of days in these Reyes Technical Sandals from Ahnu Footwear.

These are set up a bit differently than the Teva Omnium ones I’ve worn so much I wore them out. The straps really weave across the foot with these, insuring a snug fit. There’s plenty of open space for circulation, with holes that go all the way to the bottom—appreciated when there are pebbles that need to shake out.

They’ve got anti-microbial properties built in to keep them from getting stinky and so far so good on that front. The footbed is comfortable and supportive, with a thick sole that made me feel like they will continue to hold up well for light hiking or my days of walking the cobblestone streets of colonial Mexico.

All the materials dry quickly—in my experience an hour in the sun was more than enough. The tough toe is good for banging against rocks and the sole gripped boulders well on a hike.Think of these as water shoes that can double as walking or light hiking shoes, great for a river rafting trip and then a walk through town the next day.

Be advised that these are sized generously, with the expectation you’ll pull in the straps if you have narrow feet, so go a size down if that’s you. For my E feet, they fit perfectly.

These come in two colors and list for $90. See more photo angles and info on the Reyes sandal at

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