As we emerge from a pandemic year of self-isolation and dreaming of future adventures, you may be planning your first post-vaccine trip, or just thinking about expanding your horizons beyond your existing bubble. When you do venture out, whether by foot or on a plane, your journeys may require you to be on your feet more than you have been in a while.


Ease your feet in by wearing Royal Robbins Venture Crew Socks on your travels.


The socks are made with sustainable materials—help yarns blended with recycled polyester break-in and become more comfortable with each wear and wash. Hemp’s high tensile strength combines with almost seamless construction for long-lasting comfort. The wide arch and Achilles cushioning adds support, and the seamless toe eliminates rubbing.


Naturally breathable and thermoregulating, hemp socks will breathe when it’s warm and insulate when it’s cool—and recycled polyester only boosts the moisture-wicking properties. Fine mesh ventilation in the sock helps keep your feet cool.


Help is also anti-bacterial, which means you can wear these socks longer without worrying about odor or washing. That’s especially useful when you have limited packing space and don’t want to have to spend time every couple of days at the laundromat.


Have to frequently stop on the trail to pull up your socks? The pique 3/4-inch cuff and a deep-pocket “Y” heel adds to the comfort factor and helps keep your sock from falling down. Time to think of a new excuse to take a break on the trail. Observing wild plant and animal life is always  acceptable, as is truly taking your time to enjoy the hike.


The unisex Royal Robbins Venture Crew Socks come in Arctic blue, light taupe, fudge, and asphalt, and list for $22 on the Royal Robbins site.