ROXs 2s Provides Entertainment for Kids and Parents Alike

Like any parent, we are trying to limit the amount of screen time our kids have. Let’s be honest with ourselves, it’s tough.  However, A-Champs has created the ROXs 2s system to cure not only summer boredom but the winter blues as well.

The ROXs 2s game set includes one of the ROXs 2s systems, a silicone cover to prevent damage and as an attachment place for the strap, and eight PEBBS. Each PEBB is a different character or animal and each will interact with the system, giving off a matching sound. They are the shape of a guitar pick but about 2×2” so they can easily be picked up and carried by a kid or grown up.


Free App

You will need to download the free A-Champs app and pair your ROXs 2s device. This took maybe two minutes from downloading to pairing. Then set up a profile for each person playing. We have ones for each kid, parent and grandparent.

In the free A-Champs app there are six preloaded games. You can choose from Meet PEBBS, Beat Me, Parkour, A-Champs Dash, Storytime and Duel. Don’t know how to play the games?! No worries, there are videos explain the games that will play each time a game is opened. The videos are animated and simple enough for everyone to understand.

As your kids understand and master the games, they can be upgraded and the rules changed to keep them engaged. For example, you can have the rules changed so each player must spin around five times before picking up the PEBBS.

Our favorite outdoor game is the Parkour where you set up an obstacle course with a PEBB at each checkpoint. The players then must gather the PEBBS as they complete the course and scan them all in for the fastest time at the end. We used chalk to outline the path and ran all around the house and forest collecting our PEBBS.

The Story Time game allows one player to tell a story using all the PEBBS. The next player recreates the sequence of PEBBS and story to complete the game. We played this for over an hour while dinner was being made and then again at bedtime for a little bedtime story entertainment.

The PEBBS are not always needed to play with the system. Utilizing the silicone case and strap, the ROXs can be attached to a tree, rock or person for a game of PIG, tag or simply to see how many times you can hit it with a ball. We used a tennis ball. While we had a great time with it, the new lab puppy thought it was torture because he wasn’t getting the ball. It doesn’t take much pressure for the sensor to know you are there so a small playground ball would work as well.


Daisy Chain Sensors

If you get two or more ROXs sensors, you can strap a sensor to each player and create a game of tag or capture the flag… er, capture the sensor. The ROXs sensor is

constructed with an ABS and polycarbonate shell so it can withstand kid abuse.

The system recommends players are 6+. Our 5-year-old could start games and play them with no help. I really think the player age range should be 6-99 years-old as there is something for everyone to get involved in.

The app used little battery on my phone and we played with the ROXs 2s system for over 3 hours one day without a huge drain of power. The app will keep track of all points given and fastest times for each player. You can customize your player name with emojis and even see where you place on the national leader board!

With a goal of getting kids out and moving for a healthier lifestyle, the ROXs systems has created a great product to ensure your whole family enjoys the outdoors again without a lot of equipment. A dream team of inventors and software engineers worked together to create the ROXs and a nationwide movement to #GetKidsMoving.

An additional product I would like to see added to the package is a bag to keep all the pieces together. We use a simple drawstring bag to manage our pieces. You can easily pick one up from the Dollar Store.

ROXs 2s can be found at www.a-champs/roxs or The app is available for free download on the iTunes and Google Play store. The app has the iconic A-Champs monkey and yellow background on it.

It makes for a great gift! At the time of printing it is being sold for $99 but the memories and laughs it creates are priceless.

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