It’s time to ditch the paper, the heavy notebooks, and even the big laptop when trying to take notes. When I am on the go, the less that I have to carry, the better. The Rocketbook Everlast Notebook is a new concept for me.

Essentially, you can take notes on the reusable pages to upload electronically via the easy app. It is sent to the “cloud” meaning you can use services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

This also makes it easy to share your notes with someone else because you can simply send them a link to everything. That is helpful if you need to take notes for someone that is not attending the same meeting. It is also ideal for group functions or school projects.

This would be a great gift for board meetings or conventions where people are often taking notes quickly like in the hall or at dining tables. They can share their notes with colleagues at home that were unable to attend.

Digital note taking seems to be the newest trend, and I certainly wanted to try it out. What’s especially cool is that these notebooks look like normal notebooks at first glance. People won’t even know that it is digital unless they look closely.

You use a special erasable pen (the “frixion pen” which comes with the notebook) to take notes, which upload for use via a the free notebook app later, and then you can wipe the page clean with a drop of water and start all over again. To transmit the information, you simply scan the QR code, which is in the bottom corner of each page, which is a helpful way to organize each page of information.

The cover is heavy duty to protect the inside, but it is nothing particularly special. It has a ring-style binder so that you can turn the pages easily, and the “frixion” pens come in multiple colors.

Inside are blank white pages, but if you look closely, you will note some dots on the page that are used in scanning the information. It looks like paper, but it is actually a special surface that allows the information to transmit electronically.

The notebook is thin and easy to fit into a briefcase or carry-on bag. I was nervous about setting up the app to link it with my notebook, but the process was fairy straightforward. This is a practical concept that has so many uses for global travelers that are working with offices in different time zones.

For example, I am terrible at creating graphs or charts on the computer, and this notebook allows me to easily share scribbles, charts, or drawings that I make with others quickly. I found it a great way to share ideas while on a conference call so that other people could see my notes in near real time.

I do wish that the notebook cover were a bit more attractive and not as plain. It worried me that the pages could become damaged if the notebook were to become bent or smashed with other items in my luggage.

This idea got its start on Kickstarter and seems to have attracted solid interest from trendsetters and those looking to save paper while also becoming more efficient with taking and recording their notes for better organization.

This could certainly be the notebook of the future as the “everlast” name suggests since it can be used over and over saving plenty of paper and trees in the process. The Rocketbook Everlast Notebook costs about $40 including the pen and is a practical gift for those that like to take notes by hand.

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