It’s rare that I get enough free time when traveling to schedule reasonable time for working out, but I do bring running shoes along, nonetheless. If I can get out of bed before all my work begins, it becomes run time.

I prefer packing running shoes that can be worn for other purposes, too—either on the plane or on the street. Just bringing shoes for one purpose only makes my carry-on luggage fill up too easily. That’s why I like packing my Hupana shoes from Hoka One One.

I’ve been wearing Hoka One One running shoes since the company started. Since then, the oversized outsoles are better integrated, but I never cared about how they looked as long as I was comfortable wearing them while running. I don’t often like wearing running shoes for general use because they can have a clunky look and the coloring tends to stand out. But I can wear my black-and-white Hupanas all day.

The Hupana full RMAT (blended rubber EVA foam) midsole and outsole provides a balanced cushion that’s not quite as plush as the regular maximalist shoes, but it’s still better than many of the running shoes out there. I’ve used mine for running, gym workouts, light hiking, and walking around town. The open knit upper is extremely breathable, which is especially appreciated when I’m running or traveling in warmer climates. The upper’s seamless construction gives it a sock-like fit. Some wearers say the shoe runs a little narrow, but I didn’t notice that at all (and I have a wide front foot, so generally appreciate room in the toe box).

The clean lines of the Hupana shoes make them ideal for multi-use purposes, as well as packing, because they don’t take up tons of room. At 6.3 ounces, the shoes are great lightweight additions to your travels.

Hoka One One Hupana shoes come in these color combinations for women: deep blue/sky blue, plum/dusky orchid, sangria/dubarry, black/dark shadow. For men, the color combinations are: anthracite/deep lichen green, black/dark shadow, Dresden blue/citrus, true blue/French blue. Both women’s and men’s Hupanas list for $115 on the Hoka One One site.

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