April is here and you know what that means  – it’s finally nice enough to get back on the road bike here in Idaho.  I know, the die-hards only stop when there are more than 3 inches of snow on the ground but I am simply not that ambitious with my cycling.  I am finally getting a chance to test out the new Proviz Sportive Men’s Cycling Bib Shorts.

I have been cycling for years but had never tried Bib shorts and let me tell you I am a convert.  The Sportive’s are so much more comfortable than my normal chamois shorts.  My first ride out was a 2-hour ride to get my legs back.  The bibs were amazingly comfortable didn’t get in my way at all.  I really liked having the back pocket to hold my phone and bike wallet as I never trust the one on my jersey.  Finally, the high visibility side panel is great during the day for one extra visual clue for drivers however at night it is ultra-reflective and something every pair of bib’s should have.

One thing I always worried about with Bib Chamois was their breathability.  I tend to overhead quickly and felt that the extra layer would really cook me.  On the last 30 minutes of my ride, I pushed into a hard sprint to see if I would overheat.  As I pulled into the garage I realized I wasn’t nearly as sweaty as I thought I might be.

Overall, I highly recommend the Sportive Bib Shorts.  If you’re looking for high performance, high visibility bike shorts you need to give the Sportiv’s a try.

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