I made the choice recently to stop being such a slob and actually start paying attention to how many plastic water bottles I was wasting. It occurred to me, after reading an article about the amount of plastic in the oceans, that I needed to do my part to help, but also wanted to find a water bottle company that was also interested in helping the environment. Thusly, I came across Dopper. Their water bottles are extremely adorable with the way it is shaped, very fashionable, and the array of fun colors you can purchase them in. In addition, the cap actually doubles as a tiny glass which, although not extremely necessary or practical, makes me feel fancy when I drink out of it. Or just think of using it to hold wine on a picnic! The water bottle is BPA free and holds 16 ounces of water. The company itself cares very much about the environment and also about keeping less fortunate countries from having to drink contaminated water. Their company, in collaboration with Simavi, supports clean drinking and education of sanitation and hygiene for third world countries, specifically Nepal. Nepal is a country in which 11% of the population lacks access to clean drinking water. I’m happy to support a company that cares to support not only the environment, but people too. It is also BPA free, so no need to worry on that front

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