The Sierra Designs Bed Style sleeping bag provides the most comfortable sleep I have ever had in a sleeping bag – bar none. It is designed by people who have clearly spent a lot of time sleeping outdoors, wishing they could recreate the sleep you have in your own bed. Every thought has been given to the function, and comfort, of the sleeping bag.

What stands out immediately isn’t what the sleeping bag has – it’s what it doesn’t. If you have ever cursed a zipper digging into your side, or woken up with your face in Velcro, rejoice! The Bed Style design has no zippers, cords, or Velcro to jab, poke or irritate. The sleeping bag is designed as a built in comforter with insulated arm sleeves and hand pockets, and offers absolutely zero restrictions to how you sleep. As a side sleeper, the Bed Style bag was perfect, often with other sleeping bags I felt claustrophobic, but never with the Sierra Designs sleeping bag. It is easy to roll from side to side and readjust if you feel the need to.

Sierra Designs Bed Style Sleeping Bag

The Bed Style sleeping bag has a longer and wider design that wraps naturally and allows you to easily control the temperature of the sleeper. The comforter can be left outside of the bag on warmer nights, and the foot of the sleeping bag has a zipper-less double-vented footbox that allows you to stick a foot out and have it automatically seal when you tuck in back in. It is a brilliant solution if you are like me and always end up kicking off your socks at the bottom of the sleeping bag, only to later greatly regret that decision!

The sleeping bag also has a novel hood design that is perfect for keeping insulated on a cold night, and tuck conspicuously out of way when not needed. Another thing that I love about the Bed Style sleeping bag is the built in sleeve for a sleeping pad. No more sliding off the edge of the air mattress – the future is now. The bag itself is extremely light at only 2 lbs 8 oz, which makes carrying it an absolute breeze. The Sierra Designs Bed Style sleeping bag is the 2014 Editor’s Choice Award winner for both Backpacker and Climbing magazines, and you can add my vote as well – I love it! Don’t go a minute longer without this sleeping bag, head to and order yours today.

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