Native Shoes Jimmy

From folks that first brought us a stylish alternative to the ultra-lightweight, ultra-comfortable, and not-so-stylish Crocs, now introducing a range of versatile boots that will definitely be a worthy investment for any family member. Native shoes won the hearts and legs of many with their comfortable and lightweight kicks styled and designed as classic sneakers but made using unique EVA material. These boots’ styles are as light as air. They still look more than cool even on the warm summer days.

Styled after the traditional duck boot, the Native Jimmy boot is redesigned with lightweight materials coupled with a wide array of signature playful colors. It is shock-absorbent, odor-resistant, anti-microbial, washable, and fully waterproof. It brings with it a cozy micro-fleece lining that ensures your feet remain toasty. It is the perfect shoe for anyone looking for a fun alternative to his/her classic pair.

Native Shoes Jimmy

If you are not acquainted with Jimmy boots already, there is really no best time than now. With their motto “Keep it Lite,” these kicks are not only super lightweight but are also crazy cozy. They take pride in their EVA full-injected soles that make them extremely easy to clean – actually, you can literally toss them in a washer. Do you have pets around or in your house? Well, there is no need to be worried because these stylish boots are animal friendly.

A special Native shoe “Jimmy Mid” is ideal if you do not want to tuck your jeans. Their comfortable padded collar surely makes wearing the weather-beater boots less cumbersome. In fact, you will feel like you are wearing a sneaker. Wearing these kicks feels exactly like walking marshmallows.

One thing I love about Native is the fact it utilizes zero waste injected molds in the manufacture of every shoe. Native also uses extremely a low energy emission manufacturing process. As indicated earlier, their shoes are free of any animal-by products – making them perfect for any vegetarian that sometimes puts on leathers. In addition to Native’s eco-conscious business model, I found their shoes’ drawstring opening really appealing. Personally, the greenliness characteristics of these shoes won my heart big time!

Come the holidays, these boots would surely make an excellent buy or even a fun gift.