Born in Idaho, Pinch provides products that will come in handy when you are… well, in a pinch! Pinch’s product line is comprised of Pocket Kindling, Number Two, No BS bag, T-shirts. Gaiters and phone cases.

Pocket Kindling and Pocket Kindling- Ultralight

Available in the reusable and waterproof plastic container or a biodegradable tube for ultralight camping, each piece of kindling lights on the first attempt, is water resistant and can burn for up to 15 minutes. These are great for starting camp fires, or even used in your BBQ. Our favorite new backyard BBQ addition is this one! They are incredibly affordable at &5.00-$7.00.

Number Two

Whether you are on the road or in the backcountry, running out of toilet paper is a real bummer. Number Two is packaged in the ultralight and biodegradable paperboard tube so you can store it in your pack or car until you need it. When out in the backcountry, the Number Two comes with a tube of Pocket Kindling so you can properly dispose of your business.

The toilet paper is two ply and even those Charmin Bears would approve of the softness. Number Two and Ultralight Pocket Kindling comes in at only $9.00 and weighs in at 1oz.

Neck Gaiter

Available in three colors, the Pinch Neck Gaiter is perfect for dusty backroads, sun protection and can be used as a headband. Pinch uses a washable polyester and elastane weave to ensure their neck gaiter will stay in place and hold it’s shape use after use.

Pinch No BS Kit

Packaged neatly in a durable dry bag, the No BS Kit is ready to help out in a sticky situation. With a roll down closure, the No BS Kit can easily be attached to a pack or thrown in your ATV for when you need it. This kit would make for a great gift!


  • 3 Liter Dry Bag (22oz Vinyl)
  • Pinch Pocket Kindling
  • Pinch Number Two
  • 32 Strike Anywhere Matches
  • 3 Razor Blades
  • 5 Zip Ties
  • 5 Latex Free Cloth Bandages
  • 12’ Duct Tape
  • 12’ 550 Paracord

All Pinch products can be purchased on their website or if you are in the Gem State, they are available at a few local retailers.


Safe Travels! 


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