Recharge Your Gear with Paleblue Batteries

When you see “batteries not included” on some gear packaging, do you immediately member to buy those batteries, or do you trust that you’ll eventually get them? And if you do wait, do you remember before you break that gear out of its package to use?


When you use rechargeable Paleblue Batteries, you don’t have to worry about stocking up on single-use batteries.


Pale Blue Earth company founders wanted to find a better way—for people and the planet—in the household battery category, made up of mostly single-use batteries. The organization is focused on creating a better future by leveraging technology, innovation, and inspired product creation to greatly improve the utilization of energy and resources and reduce the amount of waste produced by us humans.


Their collection of USB rechargeable lithium batteries is exactly the type I look for to power my adventures.


The fast-charging batteries work for 1,000-plus charge cycles. Think of your one battery replacing the need for 1,000 alkaline batteries that end up in landfills and reacting with rainwater to produce a harmful toxic soup called leachate.


Each individual battery has a built-in LED charging indicator—so you know when it’s fully charged. The included USB charge cable will let you recharge four batteries at a time. But the batteries are also compatible with any USB-C or micro USB cable for recharging. There’s an integrated safety circuit in each battery, protecting both the batter and device. That works to combat high temperature, leakage, overload, over voltage, and short circuits.


Shop on the Pale Blue Earth site for batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt) or bundles (sustainability and home conversion kits). For a sample of pricing: A 4-pack of AA batteries lists for $29.99 and a 2-pack of 9-volt batteries lists for $24.99.


Jill Robinson is a freelance writer who lives in a small California beach town near the big wave surf spot, Mavericks. She divides her time between writing about travel, running a kayak business and trying to wring awe-inspiring adventure out of every day. Her articles have been featured in the AFAR, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more. Catch up with her adventures on and IG/Twitter at dangerjr.

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