No matter where you are there is noise disruption from loud hotel neighbors to constant announcements in the airport that are so numerous that no one pays attention any more. What should a frequent traveler do anymore? Especially one that does not want to carry bulky headphones around their neck or over their ears. That’s where the QuietOn Sleep Earbuds make such a difference.

Often the bulky headphones are good at reducing or covering up noise, but they create a burden to balance on your head (and are rarely comfortable to sleep in on long flights).

QuietOn is meant to deliver the same quality of noise-reducing headphones, but without the discomfort of a bulky headset. Large headphones can be especially annoying for those that sleep on their sides. That’s why I was drawn to these compact earbuds that are easy to travel with and comfortable to wear when on the road.

Compact, but simple design

These earbuds are not meant to replace the fanciest headphones or most tech-specific music gear. They don’t have Bluetooth capability to stream music or an app to connect to a mobile device. What you’ll find here is a pure and simple noise-reduction device, which is exactly what I am looking for when traveling through noisy environments. If you want to rest, concentrate on work, or block out noise without having a bulky headpiece over your ears, QuietOn fits the bill.

It cancels out loud, surrounding noises with another steady-streamed sound. It accomplishes its noise reduction via a microphone that gathers sound and a speaker that cancels the original sound.

The ear buds fit snugly into your ear without being uncomfortable or protruding too far. But, since everyone’s ear canal is different, QuietOn provides tips that can be added to them for a more comfortable fit. Of course, the snugger they are in your ear, the less noise that can disturb you while you are resting.

earbudOnce you put them on, there’s a switch that toggles between the silent and hearing options, which adds to the noise cancellation effect between them. The buds are battery-operated, and they have a 20-hour battery life. That’s a feature that I really appreciate given the number of long-haul flights that I normally take each month. This means that I won’t have to charge them on back-to-back flights, which makes them especially practical for busy travelers.

They have been great for domestic travel lately, and it has been nice not to need to worry about charging them between flights. Plus, the USB charging port makes it easier to power them up in a hurry if my power outlets are limited. A full charge of the earbuds takes about an hour. If I just need some white noise to concentrate, I switch them on and am good to go.

Size and durability

Perhaps my favorite feature of these earbuds is their size. I can stuff them into my blazer or pants pocket and use them with ease (that is not something you can do with bulky headphones). These are far more professional looking than gigantic headphones.

The cable, earbuds, and accompanying size tips all come in a small box, which means they don’t take up too much space in your bag. That’s not to mention how lightweight these are. Once you remove them from the case, they automatically power on so be ready to use them when you take them out (don’t just leave them idling on the countertop!). As soon as you place them back into their case, they power back off.

Bottom line: you’ll find that the QuietOn Earbuds reduce peripheral noise significantly and are far more convenient for travel than headphones in that they take much less space. The wireless QuietOn Earbuds retail for just under $200 on the QuietOn website and are a great holiday gift for frequent travelers or even those that stay home but want convenient quietude around them. These days, peace and quiet in many households can be hard to find with so many people being forced to work and school from home.

For me, QuietOn is a great solution.

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