Raise your hand high if you also hate sunscreen and the sticky, icky feeling against your skin. I am always on the lookout for gear that allows me to wear less of the stuff and protects my skin all the same. Phunkshun has introduced their newest piece of gear, UltraLite Tube.

This versatile tube can be used as a headband, neck protector, single layer (nonmedical) mask, gym towel and last minute washcloth while camping. With all of the places and uses, you can rest assured that you are protected with 50+ UPF!

I took the Phunkshun UltraLite Tube on our trip to The Grand Tetons and loved wearing it on the trail where we would occasionally encounter a lot of people or bugs. The UltraLite Tube was a slick piece of gear to have on me and was easily pulled up as a quick face covering on the boat from Jenny Lake and on the incredibly beautiful trails surrounding Colter Bay. After a week camping, hiking and basic exploring, the UltraLite Tube stayed “phunk free”.

With more than 25 colors and patterns, there is an UltraLite Tube in your future. Available in two sizes, the Phunkshun UltraLite tube is the perfect gift for the hiker, biker, runner, minimalistic and outdoor loving person in your life. The price point is just as attractive as the prints, coming in at under $18!

For the late fall and winter months, Phunkshun makes fleece lined tubes. My kids wear these when skiing and sledding and never complain about them. They are easy to wash and line dry as well! Shout out to my other parents. These tubes are perfect for stashing in pockets and packs and coming out ready for use. 5/5 on the packability.

Phunkshun UltraLite Tubes and their other great gear is available on the Phunkshun Wear website. 


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