QALO is on the cusp of fashion when it comes to jewelry styles. This is evident in their stackable silicone rings.

Recently we were sent the QALO Melody Stackable Silicone Ring set to test out on our travels. The Melody contains Women’s Jet Black Chevron Stackable Silicone Ring, Women’s Amethyst Twist Stackable Silicone Ring, and Women’s Aquamarine Step Stackable Silicone Ring.


The colors are muted and really go with a lot of outfits. They are slimmer than my usual QALO travel ring but that makes them more comfortable to wear together. The slimmer profile allows me to “play” with them, rolling them up and down my finger as we wait to board train, planes and ubers.


They are substantial enough to wear stacked all three, just two or one on my right hand on two on my left. The ability to personalize your look from one set is a great option for travelers alike. They travel well in their very own zippered pouch that can attach to your bag or person.


You can change your ring sets out as often as your hair color without causing your budget to collapse!

QALO Melody rings easily clean up with gentle soap and water. Because they are non-porous, they cannot hold the germs of a new city. Take home memories, not GI infections.

I am quick to trade out my wedding set for QALO. In fact, I only wear them for date nights and special occasions now. There are many situations where I feel one should let QALO take over and leave the sparkles at home. I have compiled a small list for you to think about:

Occupational Hazard

Working at a hospital, we are not allowed to wear porous material of any kind because of the bodily fluids we encounter. Yes, it is as gross as it sounds on a regular basis. We also wear a lot of gloves and any sharp points on your jewelry can cut the glove right open.
It is not only health care, think about construction workers, electricians, food industry, etc.


The metal of your bands and the metal of a hand weight or weight machine can make a horrendous ear piercing screech. No one needs MORE attention at the gym. The constant friction from the metals can wear down your bands and disrupt the prongs. Buh-Bye sparkly stone.

The forest, lake and rivers? Those natural beauties love to take your jewelry, never to be seen again.

Honey Dos

We all have that one friend. You know them, they have 4 fingers. The stories and repairs of hands I have been involved in at the hospital because of a fall from a ladder, a boat rope, plumbing incident or because of a deck project are countless. It is bad enough to lose a ring but the finger is taking it a little too far.

International and Domestic Travel

I agree with Jill in her review of QALO, sparkles to attract unwanted attention when you are traveling anywhere in the world. Switching out your jewelry can keep you and your loved ones safe from harm.

QALO allows for the wearer to continue all their normal activities and adventures. If something unsavory were to happen, QALO can be cut off, lost or given away to ensure your whole person makes it back safe and sound.

QALO can be purchased on their website and Amazon. I don’t even need you to choose wisely, because at these affordable price points, you can have it all! At the time of printing, the QALO Melody set retails for $29.85 on the QALO site. Be sure to check out their customizable options, available only on the site.

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