Proviz Switch Reversible Backpack Cover Review

Biking is not exactly something that comes easy at first. It’s always been a struggle for me to find time to actually improve and build my stamina. I find that biking at night works best for me, but it can be really hazardous trying to navigate the streets in the dark. That’s why I was so excited when I finally got my Provoz Switch Backpack Cover! Now I can enjoy a calm bike at night without any of the added stress!

The History of Proviz
Since I’m not an expert on the kind of supplies I need for biking, it was important to me to do enough research. The two brothers that founded Proviz seemed to really understand the hurdles you have to get through as a biker, and they recognized the need for a better light-reflecting product in the market. I was excited to find out that the Proviz products won an award for Product Design thanks to the unique way they manufacture their lights. The Proviz brand has been designing really unique clothing and accessories that are practical for bikers, so I knew that I was investing my money in the right product.

Product Highlights
I was fortunate enough to be selected as a tester for the reversible backpack cover, but I still wanted to see what features made it different from the other products they offer. The Provoz Switch Backpack Cover stands out to me for a number of reasons:

  • This product is 100% waterproof, which works best for me because of the climate in my area.
  • The cover is fluorescent yellow and SUPER reflective, perfect for dark nights!
  • This cover will strap to most bags up to 35 liters, so it can attach to all of my bags!
  • The edges are elastic, so they’ll secure to the bag tightly without waving around in the air.
  • There is an extra light loop attachment which could come in handy.
  • The product is reversible, so I won’t be blinding people every time I have it on.

Once I reviewed the features of this product, I knew I had to have it immediately!
Trying The Cover On
I honestly couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw this in the mail. Even though I received the package in the daytime, I decided to try it on one of my bags to test the fit. I noticed right away that the material felt very durable and slick, which is something really important when you’re talking about resistant athletic materials. I had no problem strapping the cover to my bag, though it showed some resistance when I tried to remove it. This was a good sign to me, as it demonstrated that the cover wouldn’t easily slip off or move around during a ride. The fabric also showed some resistance to pulling and grabbing, and I saw no signs of wear and tear when I tried it on a slightly larger bag. This was a good sign!
Taking It On a Ride
Later that night after I got home from work, I got my equipment ready to go out for a ride. It was pretty cold and windy, but I was very eager to try out my cover! My main concern was that the cover was going to flap around, possibly in my face while I was steering. I am very happy to announce that this was not the case! The cover stayed in place the whole time, even with the wind blowing down super hard! The material was nice and bright, and I was able to enjoy a very comfortable ride despite the weather getting worse.
I’ve been using this backpack cover for about two months now. The cover has outlasted two of my old backpacks and continues to stand up to the windy, rainy weather we experience so often in the city. The Proviz Switch Backpack Cover is definitely something that I would recommend for any cyclist, especially if you struggle to find time throughout the day to commit to riding. I have thoroughly enjoyed testing this product and I would suggest that all amateur riders get one!

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