You don’t have to be a regular water sports person to have a pair of gloves for your water-based adventures. Whether your chosen favorite is paddling, boating, or fishing, the constant sun exposure, abrasion injuries, and occasional fishhook puncture can turn a fun time in the outdoors into a reason to avoid it next time.

As a regular kayaker, stand-up paddler and boater, I’ve worn gloves as long as I can remember, and recently tested the Traction UV Gloves from Mustang Survival.

The gloves are made with a lightweight polyester spandex knit with UV-treated yarn to keep your hands protected from sun exposure, but the breathable material also keeps hands cool at the same time. Palms are fit with AX Suede overlays with perforations for venting, but most importantly, for wet grip and abrasion resistance.

What does that mean? Your hands are protected, but you can still easily grip a paddle, rope, and fishing rod while wearing the gloves.

Most of the water gloves I’ve worn over the years end their coverage at the wrist, but these gloves extend to cover the wrist with sun protection, as well.

When it comes to taking them off, the gloves include finger-pull tabs and a cuff pull tab, all with silicon grip, so you’re not spending tons of time nor trying to use your teeth to assist you in the glove-removal process.

When you’re done wearing them, rinse them in fresh water and let them air dry. Don’t lose just one glove—keep them together with the pairing snaps so you’ve got both gloves ready for your next adventure, whether it’s out on the ocean, or your favorite river or lake.

The Traction UV Gloves come in one color, a light gray with blue accents, and list for $29.99 on the Mustang Survival site.

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