We’ve finally made it through the strange and unexpected weather storms that have been our Springe in Idaho and we are now entering the warm days of Summer. Long days in the summer sun have us wearing more clothes as opposed to wearing more sunscreen. The ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Hoodie from Outdoor Research has been an early summer staple.


ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Hoodie is a lightweight hooded shirt made for all day wear. The fit is true to size, although I did size up for additional comfort. The total weight of the shirt is 6.5oz but feels lighter than air. Perfect for wearing at the beach, on our recent adventures through the Costa Rican Jungle and simply out gardening in the backyard. What I love about the ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Hoodie is that it doesn’t have an expected athletic shirt look to it- you could easily dress it up this fall with a puffy jacket and some leggings and no one would know that you are in a UPF 50+ shirt.

It’s been two years since a dear friend and coworker of mine passed away from melanoma. His wife, a nurse, found the strange mole while they were out on their Anniversary hike and forced him to have it evaluated. He fought hard to beat it but the cancer had already spread to his lungs. In the last conversations he had with friends and family, he urged us to have skin checks but to not forget to get out and explore.

I grew up a hard core ‘lemon juice in the hair, body oil session’ kind of gal so this was an eye opener to say the least. Bill was famous for telling surgeons, “You don’t need that” but in this case, you need it. You need the reef safe sunscreen and the UPF clothing. ESPECIALLY in the tropics!

Add Zip Lining and Tree Climbing to the list of cans with the ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Hoodie

The ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Hoodie from Outdoor Research is UPF 50+ rated and is a proprietary blend of textiles. These textiles allow the ActiveIce Technology to actively cool the body via phases changes. Phase changes activates the cooling, wicking and breathable properties of the fabric during the day to keep you comfortable and dry. The cut is long enough to cover your fanny and when reaching overhead, you can rest assured that you won’t be flashing anyone.


The ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Hoodie from Outdoor Research has a slight stretch allowing you to climb, sit, drink, run, boat, etc in comfort and without chafing. The best part? Thumbholes! It’s like when a dress has pockets- it makes it your favorite right away.

The ActiveIce Spectrum Sun Hoodie from Outdoor Research retails for $79.00 on their website and qualifies you for free shipping. There is also a “Find It Locally” feature on the site to help you get it the day of, if possible. There is a men’s version as well.

It is available in three colors, Guava Heather, Titanium Grey and Naval Blue Heather. I have the Naval Blue Heather. It is protected under the Infinite Guarantee but be sure to register your product via the Warranty Page for full coverage.

Don’t discount the need for breathable sun protection as you spend time in the sun. Your biggest organ and your body’s first line of defense will thank you! As a friendly reminder, go schedule your skin check with a certified dermatologist. It’s a quick appointment but it’s one that can save your life. Links to The Skin Cancer Foundation are HERE.


Safe Travels!