In my concerted and continued effort to become more of a minimalist when it comes to my travel gear, I have made 2021 the year of trying period products that are not only practical for travel and daily use, but also cut down on the single use plastics and trash I create.

After having both of my boys, I used Belly Bandits for recovery and loved how their postpartum products worked so well to help with everything that comes with having a baby. Our bodies are amazing… and messy. When I discovered that proof. leak proof underwear was associated with Belly Bandits, I was excited to see if they would work for me and my crazy world.

The proof is in the Underwear

The underwear is beautifully constructed and lightweight. Worried it was going to be bulky and diaper-like, proof is sleek, has flat seams and has streamlined their materials for absorption. After taking the 2 minute quiz, I was matched with the Leak Proof Brief. I did take the test a couple times to ensure these would be the right fit for me and my needs. I was also matched with the Leakproof Lace Cheeky. Both options provide absorption of 6 teaspoons or 3 regular tampons and are classified by proof as “moderate”.

proof Hipster

To me, the fabric blend of 75% nylon and 25% spandex feels a lot like my lighter running tights without the compression. The coverage over my booty is definately full coverage and the rise in the front is a standard low rise. I do find that sizing is not TTS and as many of the reviews suggest, you should order a size smaller.

While decreasing the single use items I have in my life is definitely high on my list, finding products that can keep up with a busy working mom of two is number one priority. As I get closer to 40, my cycles are not as predictable in the rate of flow or the start date. This is frustrating especially on days that I am working at the hospital and will be scrubbed into a surgery for 3-10 hours without a break. That is a long time to count on a tampon or the annoyance of multiple products (tampon and a liner).

I can and have been counting on proof. for protection during these days. Proof has not only proven themselves at the office, they have been a great go-to for long travel days in the car and on planes as well as backpacking trips. The smooth fabric hasn’t bunched or chaffed during multi-mile hikes (5+ miles) and it works with my shorts/pants keeping me moving. These would be especially helpful when traveling abroad to remote location where feminine hygiene products may not be available.

One distinct change I have noticed from the change to proof is that I am experiencing less cramping and pain. I did not realize my tampons were contributing to my cramping and PMS symptoms. While the general cramping that is associated with the shedding of the uterine lining is there, my periods are more easily managed. That is a win-win for me, and you.

Save 25%

However, proof isn’t making everything lighter in my life. My wallet is feeling a bit thicker lately due to the money I have saved in feminine products. A report by Dollars and Sense estimate that the average bleeding person spends close to $18,000 on products in their lifetime.

Proof underwear averages about $35/pair and the average person would need 6-8 pairs for every period. That is $210-$280. If you buy 3+ you receive a whopping 25% off! So really, that is an investment that runs $158-$210. And proof is built to last. So, when you compare the cost of your underwear to your products, add in the additional trash you would be creating, proof is looking better and your wallet is looking fatter.

Great for younger crowds!

I think proof has a place for more than women like me. They are a great option for teens, adults and LGBTQ persons who bleed or experience light incontince. They would work equally as well for postpartum bleeding. I could see how proof would be a great option for the teens who don’t know their bodies well enough yet. This leak proof underwear is great for sleepovers, sports, extra protection and allows them to figure their bodies out without embarrassment.

Proof can be found on their website, along with the quiz to find your perfect match, and a large selection can be purchased on Grab up your bundle and make your uterus happy.

Safe Travels!




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