For real photographers, when you ask them about their camera gear they are quite serious. But, for the novices among us, we never know much about our gear. That’s why I was especially intrigued to try out this Ponte Leather Camera Lift strap. I do not carry my own fancy camera, but I do want to protect what I have, and this was just the perfect thing.

What makes it so ideal is that it relieves the pressure and weight of heavy cameras. So your giant lens feels like nothing when you’re wearing it with this strap.

This black leather strap allows you to transfer some of the weight to your backpack or camera bag instead of your shoulders. This is welcome news to someone that already suffers from neck and shoulder pain. Anything that helps me relieve the strain from my back is a welcome perk. It can connect to backpacks, messenger bags, or even a briefcase strap, which is more likely something that I would be using.

The relief this can provide on our neck and back is important and notable, which is something that road warriors often take for granted. What’s cool about each strap is that the material is top grain leather and looks quite attractive.

In case you’re wondering, the strap will work with any kind of camera. And in my case, I had it strapped to part of my iPhone, which I was using on a safari for both videos and photos. Each strap comes with two kinds of attachments that hang quite easily from your neck without getting in the way of your arm movement.

It retails for $59 on Ponte’s website or on Amazon and comes in various strap colors and designs.

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