Pluggerz earplugs for travel

I’m a fan of creating a private space for oneself while traveling. This isn’t easy: you’ve got crowded trains, cramped airplane aisles, and noisy cars. In hotels, even solo, few rooms block out outside noise. I turn to noise canceling headphones on airplanes and trains, and in hotels, I rely on ear plugs to sleep easily.

I tried Pluggerz on my most recent trip in New York, and even as a frequent user of earplugs, I was surprised by how well these reusable earplugs cancel out noise. They’re made of lamina and anti-allergic silicone material and their design is unique: instead of cylindrical shape that one has to twist between the fingers to create a usable shape for the ear canal, Pluggerz utilizes a screw-type shape that you can place more securely into your ears. They feel less intrusive, too, and they’re very lightweight. They come in their own small plastic case, so you can easily keep them clean to reuse them. I store them in my overnight toiletry bag.

I love that Pluggerz makes kids’ versions, too, designed to fit their smaller ears, and they’re CE certified, tested according to EN 352-2, ANSI certified and US E.P.A. regulations. These guys know ear protection inside and out. It’s especially awesome that they have a kids’ version for their flying-specific ear plugs (see below).

Pluggerz makes multiple types of earplugs specific to different usage. The aforementioned earplugs I tried are designated their ‘travel’ earplugs, but I also tried out their ‘music’ one (designed to keep music at a safe decibel for your ears at a concert…these earplugs contain a unique sound filter which attenuates excessive noise to a safe level while sound quality remains high), their ‘sleep’ one, and their air travel one. These are specially designed to work with the pressure in the cabin during take off and landing. In addition, Pluggerz offers additional types for specific needs.

Pick up a pair of reusable Pluggerz for $9.99 on (remember, they’re reusable), and be sure to look for them on Amazon, too.


Amy Whitley is a freelance creative and travel writer and founding editor of the family travel website Pit Stops for Kids. An avid lover of the outdoors, Amy makes her home in Southern Oregon, where she, her husband, and three school-aged children spend much of their time backpacking, camping, skiing, and hiking. When not exploring her own backyard, Amy and her family hit the road for travel reviews of resorts, tour operations, and hotels across the country and abroad. Follow Amy Whitley on Twitter and Facebook.