As Seen at Outdoor Retailer Snow Snow last week!

Pls Return Me

Up for an outdoor Retailer Innovation Award, the QR code based patches from Pls Return Me are a parent/guardian’s dream come true to getting gear back!

This open source recovery system is fully customizable, printable return IDs that helps get gear back to the proper owner. From children to absent minded teens and forgetful seniors, the printable tags can be attached to almost any gear.

The QR format protects not only the contact information of the owner, but of the persons who recover the gear. The platform will authenticate the item and owner to cut down on counterfeiting and left. Once the owner and product has been identified the gear is returned via anonymous shipping labels.

Once your gear is set up in the Pls Return Me system, you will be notified about possible recalls, warranty information and product’s life cycles. Best of both worlds, once you have outgrown or become bored with the gear, the Pls Return Me membership can be transferred to the new owner whether you sold or donated it.

We all know how expensive gear is and losing it can really ruin a vacation. These are a great option to get that gear back! Don’t forget to send a Thank You card through the platform to your gear’s rescuer! Pls Return Me saw a 95% return rate during their testing in San Francisco in 2021.


From the Pls Return Me website:

How does it work?

    • Get a packet of our labels and apply to your items, or any item already protected by one of our return IDs
    • Register the ID# through our super easy, 10 sec process and add a description of the item
    • Ability to transfer ownership of items to other subscribers
  • Go about life worry free

If someone finds your registered item, we will:

    1. Notify you as soon as they enter a message on our site
    1. Allow you to anonymously coordinate return with them, or you can opt to have us send them a shipping label that anonymizes your information so they can mail it back
    1. Confirm your stuff is returned
  1. Make it easy to send them a thank you

*95% return rate based on 2021 loss testing in San Francisco… yes, we lost our sh*t