Business travelers have plenty of accessories at their fingertips. And when it comes to helping your bag to stand out on the baggage carousel or in the overhead bin, the old trick of tying a ribbon to your bag just won’t cut it anymore.

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As a huge fan of aviation, I was excited to discover Plane Tags by MotoArt. The company creates unique accessories including bag tags that are cut and engraved from recycled aircraft parts.

Actual pieces of retired aircraft fuselage were used to make these. Each tag shows off the color, thickness, and even wear and tear from the piece of the plane where the tag came from.

As a result, there are no two tags that are alike since they all come from various parts of the fuselage with the imperfections and wear of their life in the sky.

For example, I have several metal tags that come from different aircraft like Boeing 757 and a DC-9. There are a limited number of each tag adding to the exclusivity.

The coolest part is that the tags actually include the aircraft type and registration number of the aircraft.

This means you can look it up and see photos of the aircraft that your tag came from plus information like the airline, the year it was built, and if the aircraft encountered any incidents during its years of operation.

No products found.

One weird thing is that you cannot necessarily select the exact color or exact look of the tag because they are all different.

But, that means that each tag is a pleasant surprise, and they are hardly expensive at the Plane Tags website for just under $25 each.

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